Bangkoks premier fetish club located in the city center on patpong road

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The Club

Here is where you enjoy your drinks, watch shows, meet the ladies, choose your equipment, plan your sessions, simply: “here is where the fun starts!”

Our Club area is providing three main sections.


The bar area, a solid marble top counter serviced by one of Pat Pongs most senior bar tender, assisted by the most charming cashier “Gob”. Here a wide selection of chilled premium beverage is prepared, cocktails are mixed, all orders proper recorded for discreet and flawless account keeping.

The dark area, adjacent to the bar and stretching all the way to the staircase is the skillfully equipped BDSM foreplay and show section. Two fullbody suspension devices, round and body shaped cages. A proper candle rack equipped with superb 100% biological candles. An Andreas Cross and a horse carriage wheel provide together with two spanking benches and a mediaeval stock the perfect furniture for any SM and Bondage play, from light to the more severe.

The Light area. More secluded from the rather open dark area, the light area provides in the first room a fully furnished clinic for body inspections, nurseplay and an extra shower room for champagne and  waterplay. 
This hospital opens @ 18:00

The second room serves as mirror cabinet on two levels, in the lower section you are laying comfortably on cushions being able to see what is happening on top of you through a glass floor. Famous for lesbian and foot fetish session!

The dress code is “black shirt” or any fetish wear. We provide clean and comfortable black shirts for your convenience, free of charge!




We offer one simple structured and very attractive priced membership program:

Your membership lasts twelve months, you will receive:


Once these bottles are finished, you order any following drink at half the price,

so the first drink is priced @ 450 and any following drink @ only 150!

You can share your membership among three friends, think about the possibilities to have an exclusive “no limit” private party etc.


Just ask the mamasan to explain the entire package, see the liquor on selection and sign up,

all benefits are in immediate effect, RETROACTIVE (50% discount on all your orders)

the entire evening you have already spent with us!


You don’t need to make that decision up front, enter the club, dive into the atmosphere

and let the ladies convince you to become a member.